Some of the wines are new to me, where can I find more information?

We aim to stock many wines that are not yet prominant in the UK market, therefore, the grapes, vineyards and regions maybe unheard of. As we have direct contact with the vineyards, we can provide personal tasting notes and information provided by the winemakers themselves.

My wine was delivered, but not by an Ital Sardo van?

We do have our own delivery van that we like to use when we can. However, when we have a high volume of sales, we do use another courier to ensure that you receive your wine on time.

Can I find these wines anywhere else?

In regards to the specific wines we sell, you probably won't find these anywhere else. Our highly exclusive range from Sardinia have been imported new to the market, in the hope of introducing a refreshing and exciting range. We have a small portfolio of bars and restaurants through which we also sell our wines. If you would like to contact us, we would gladly inform you of the closest wine supply to you.